We provide baby items, supplies, and clothing for children, ages 0-12.  We serve children who are involved in Safe Families for Children and foster care, as well as families who are in need within our community.  We are located in Walled Lake, MI.  Email for more information.

Life Skills Classes

We assess every youth that enters our SIL program using either the Casey Life Skills Assessment or the Daniel Memorial Life Skills Assessments. We prepare individualized plans for each youth and work individually in order to meet all their goals and objectives through formal Life Skills classes, informal Life Skills sessions, and daily life experiences and opportunities. Our team and volunteer staff have received training on implementing classes that will address the needs of the youth in our programs.


Mission 1:17 is provides mentoring connections for the young men and women involved in our SIL programs. If you would like to get involved in this capacity.You can find our Volunteer Applications here.

Semi-Independent Living

Mission 1:17 has two homes in Southfield that provides SIL housing for up to four young men and four young women between the ages of 16-21. It is our vision to provide housing for many more youth aging-out of the foster care system as our organization grows. Through our strategic connections with the community and the church we are able to provide an individualized plan for each youth that enters our program. The youth can be referred to the program by their foster care caseworkers.