Nathan & Sarah Dubuc

  • Name: Nathan & Sarah Dubuc
  • Position: Vice President & Treasurer

Nathan serves as the Vice-President of Mission 1:17. Nathan also has a heart for the youth we are serving and loves any opportunity that he can get to spend time with them and connect. Nathan has been married to Sarah for 17 years and he is proud to have six beautiful, giving daughters. Nathan has a bachelor’s degree in English from Oakland University. He has been the CEO of Champion Gasket and Rubber for 9 years and has been a part of this family-owned company for over 15 years. He, together with Sarah, have fostered several children over the years and he has become a strong advocate for children that have been forgotten in a broken and overwhelmed system.

Sarah serves as the Secretary/Treasurer for the Mission 1:17 Board. Sarah has been married to Nathan for 17 years and they have six daughters. Sarah and her husband also fostered for 6 years and have had many children stay in their home during that time. Sarah has a bachelor’s degree in Human Resource Development from Oakland University. Together, Nathan and Sarah also lead the Safe Families for Children ministry at Brightmoor Christian Church. As she and Nathan have become more involved with children who have gotten caught up in the foster care system, they have both developed a passion for advocating and fighting for these kids and their families. Sarah’s passion is to serve children and families in crisis in order to see them become successful and flourish in life.